Jacqueline Chapman's belly dance workshops

There are currently no workshops scheduled - but do check back here regularly, as I hope to be announcing the first one in the Marbella area very soon!

All ages, shapes and sizes welcome!

BELLY DANCING is a unique and exciting way of keeping fit and at the same time you can learn a dance that is as old as the Pyramids of Egypt and just as fascinating, whilst giving your mind and body a workout.

My workshops cater for all levels, beginner to advanced/professional. I teach middle-eastern dance authentically; primarily classical Egyptian; with elements taken from all classical middle east bellydancing cultures, including Moroccan, Lebanese, Turkish, etc.  They cover style and technique and teach a choreographed dance routine.

If you are unable to attend one of my workshops, do look through the teacher register for your area; or through the events section of this website for workshops, courses, haflas, showcases, performances and other belly dancing events.

Numbers are strictly limited and workshops are often fully booked four weeks or more in advance, so early booking is essential : "Early Bird" discounts of 5 if you book and pay early!!


Costs are as shown below, payable in full when booking. 

You must phone or e-mail me to confirm that a place is available before sending any money or paying online.

"EARLY BIRD" discounts are available for most of my workshops - see below!

What to wear at your belly dance workshop?

Most beginners wear T-shirt and skirt or leggings - something loose, cool & comfortable; and we are preferably barefoot.

A hip-belt (hip-scarf) accentuates hip movements and may assist you to get into character - they are normally available for purchase at workshops. Please advise in advance if you have a particular preference for colour, material, beads/coins, etc.

Costumes, skirts, veils etc., can normally be purchased at workshops.  If you may require any of these, please telephone prior to the workshop so that suitable items can be brought to that particular workshop.

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The small-print!

Payments are non-transferable, and non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the student. However, in case of cancellation, IF YOUR PLACE IS SUBSEQUENTLY FILLED, I will credit you with half the cost paid towards the next workshop, weekly classes, or payment towards a hip-belt or similar item.

Male dancers are welcome at workshops but, before booking, are advised strongly to refer to my policy Policy on men in classes in this respect.

Workshop places booked without pre-payment will be held pending receipt of a payment for a maximum of 5 days and only up to ONE WEEK before the workshop date, at the very latest.  

Book and pay by Google Book and pay by Paypal

Maps to locate venues at which workshops may take place can be found on the Weekly Classes Details of Jacqueline Chapman's Belly Dancing classes in the UK page  

Belly Dance Workshops at other locations nation-wide available on request (subject to a guaranteed minimum number of students pre-paid)

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