Jacqueline Chapman's
International Dance Workshops

For many years, Jacqueline and her husband Ian have taken groups of her students (and, sometimes, their friends, families, partners, etc.) on a number of International Workshops. They vary from weekends to 2 weeks; and can be in any country where belly dancing is practised as a serious art form. These trips are mainly fun; it's a holiday! But it has a serious side - we have one or more intensive dance workshops, usually with an authentic local dance teacher; and we visit sites of cultural importance to our art form.

As a result of frequent and ongoing political and, occasionally, military, activities in many middle-eastern countries, a number of our trips in the past have been postponed or cancelled; and many of our students have indicated that they would like to have the same sort of trip, but without the risks inherent in staying in such countries for the whole time. We are now able to offer an alternative, based in southern Spain.

As most people now prefer to book their flights online, to get the best bargain prices, we no longer offer flights as standard; but all guests will be met at the airport and transferred between the airport and accommodation. We are happy to advise on suitable flights, but cannot book them for you.

If you have a definite interest in such a trip, please take a few minutes to complete and send the following form to Jacqueline. Please be aware that trips only run if there are sufficient firm bookings to make them economically viable - the minimum group size is normally 6-8.

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Depending on the location, we may be able to offer a free place (excluding flights) to teachers bringing a group of at least 8 students.

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Would you prefer your workshops to be taught by an authentic local teacher; by Jacqueline on her own; or both?  (Note that Jacqueline oversees and takes part in all workshops, regardless of the teaching option)
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Do you prefer a package, covering accommodation, dance workshops, main sight-seeing trips and a dinner/cabaret show; to select all items individually; or to have a basic package (e.g. accommodation only) with all other items optional?
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