The Malaga area entered Phase 3 of the emergency provisions on Monday 16th June. Provided that there is no sognificant deterioration in infection etc. rates, then classes can now restart, subject to social distancing rules. The studio is now being prepared and the first class should resume on Saturday 27th June. Students must ensure they maintain social distancing rules, by keeping 2 metres apart. If this is not possible, then facial protection (mask or visor) must be worn. Participants in classes must avoid physical contact - no hugs, kisses or handshakes, I'm afraid.
Jacqueline Chapman's Belly Dance classes (plus workshops and belly dancing holidays) have now moved from London to the Costa del Sol!

The Sala de Fitness
Club de Tenis y Padel Bel Air
Calle de Tenis/Calle Retama
Urb. Bel-Air, 29680-Estepona

(approximately 15 minutes drive along the A7 from either Marbella or Estepona town centres)
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Coordinates (map position) of Bel Air Tennis Club:
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3628'16.8"N 502'35.1"W

Bel-Air map
Bel Air location map
Bel-Air tennis location
Tennis club location map

Directions to Bel-Air from Estepona
Directions to Bel-Air from Estepona
Directions to Bel-Air from Marbella
Directions to Bel-Air from Marbella

Air-conditioned in summer; heated in winter.

Classes are held on selected Saturday mornings (normally 10:25 to 11:25).

Classes will recommence Saturday 27th February 2020.

NOTE: Classes are held ONLY WHEN STUDENTS BOOKED HAVE BOOKED - and may not run if those students have cancelled their bookings. If you have not booked, contact Jacqueline before attending to check that there is a class on that day.

Free car parking. No membership fee is required to take part in any activities at this venue.

All public belly dance classes are 1 hour in length, and cost 12. See the
Personal Tuition page for details of private classes (up to 3 students maximum).

Before and after classes, Jacqueline is available for questions and general advice. A small selection of CDs, DVDs, hip-belts, bellydance accessories, etc. may be available for purchase before and after classes; advise Jacqueline in advance if you have particular requirements; and she will endeavour to bring them along to that class.

Accompanied children (15 and under) are permitted at public belly dance classes and are chargeable at half-price.

Weekend, 3-hour, belly dance workshops and personal training in bellydancing are also available at this venue.

GENERAL INFORMATION about Jacqueline's belly dance classes

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