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"Tears were rolling down my face with happiness"

Dear Jacqueline, I owe a great deal of happiness to you. My story is that 7 years ago I had my breast removed with the dreaded breast cancer. My daughter was 10yrs at the time. I have always loved dancing (latin & ballroom) but my mum sent me a belly dance instructional video made by yourself. My daughter and I spent time during my recovery dancing with you in my lounge and really helped me get better. Since then, my daughter, now 17 won the bellydance competition in Palma 2009 /artistic name YASIRA. She has danced in hotels and restaurants this year, at local fiestas etc. and is now teaching belly dance too! Our love of dance has helped us through my illness and through her teenage years. When she won the competition last year the tears were rolling down my face with happiness. I now have a new hobby making her costumes too! So thanks very much for your video, I still watch it now and again and have tried to get the music but havent had any luck yet. Happy dancing! Gwyneth Lacey (Palma, Mallorca).

"Belly-dancing helped me get my courage back"

Dear Jacqueline, I wanted to write this to you, to let you know that your DVD helped save my life. I have been essentially housebound due to mental illness, and as such gained weight. When i tried to lose i found that going to the gym was hard because i cannot drive, and there was nowhere nearby i could go to. I bought your DVD because i thought it might be a fun way to lose some of the weight and get my core muscles going again, and I got hooked. Now my outlook on life is improving (as is my fitness), and i even got up the courage to attend a local class! Belly-dancing helped me get my courage back, thats for sure! So, i wanted to say thank you, because without your DVD i would still be in the situation i was in. Gemma Gulke (USA).


posted on Jacqueline's Facebook wall

She's an amazing dancer and has inspired many over the years. I shall be seeing her on Saturday night :)

You are amazing!

Hi Jacqueline, Thank you for your kind words! It was a pleasure to meet you. I had a lovely time. You are amazing! So lively, free and fun. I love how you always remind us to ground our feet and be aware of our posture. I felt like home :) please do keep me in the loop. I would love to dance with you again soon.
Warmly, Noura (London, UK)

Wicked-Mystic Cie

posted on Jacqueline's Facebook wall

Hi Jacqueline, We do not know each other but I wanted to thank you, you were my first teacher of belly dance, with your dvd. It changed my life! And after 12 years bellydancing, you still are "special" woman to me. Thanks a lot! Mar‚a Mystic

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